Jasper Lodge
Kenny Hills

Jasper Lodge Kenny Hills is a an elderly care centre located within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. With its quaint and serene location, Jasper Lodge Kenny Hills is perfect for elderly who are recovering from an illness, or just need a peaceful place to enjoy retirement life. Whether you are looking for skilled nursing care or recovery services, our team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists are here to help.


At Jasper Lodge, we strive to create a warm and friendly environment for our residents while treating each individual with respect and sensitivity. We believe all elderly should receive loving, trustworthy and quality care and treatment.

Monday         10am–9pm

Tuesday         10am–9pm

Wednesday   10am–9pm

Thursday       10am–9pm

Friday            10am–9pm

Saturday        10am–9pm

Sunday          10am–9pm



Basic services

Weekly doctor's review

Basic physiotherapy

24-hours nursing care


Basic nursing procedures


Optional services

Advanced nursing procedures

Advanced therapy procedures

Visiting hours

Monday          10am–9pm

Tuesday          10am–9pm

Wednesday   10am–9pm

Thursday        10am–9pm

Friday             10am–9pm

Saturday        10am–9pm

Sunday           10am–9pm


Our location

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Monthly rates

Our monthly rates may vary depending on your preferred room type and condition of the patient. Talk to our Care Advisors to get your personalized quote today!